Samuel Hayden

First Name: Samuel
Last Name: Hayden
Bio: I am a junior at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, studying exercise science and psychology. I also ride omnium, a mix of cross-country, short track, dual slalom, downhill, and enduro for the Fort Lewis cycling team. Mountain biking for me is about escaping the stress of daily life by immersing myself in the outdoors where I can be alone with my thoughts as my bike and I float like a butterfly over rough and rugged terrain. The harder my bike and I dance, the more time itself seems to slow down. I love how Duluth has a trail for whatever mood I am in— some are epic flow trails where I can ride fast through massive berms and push the limits, some are old-fashioned, rooty, narrow mountain bike trails, and some downhills have scary rock faces. Duluth riding is not only amazing for its terrain, it’s also cool because I can stop to eat at restaurants with locally grown food, which is ultra-important for me as a competitive cyclist. When I’m not on my bike I’m at the gym lifting or outside climbing, hiking, kayaking or working in the vegetable garden. When I give my body a break, I usually cook recovery food and read, which makes me fall asleep on the couch. My proudest moment on a bike: I was the Minnesota mountain biking state champion of 2014. My sacred ride: All of Duluth’s trails.
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