Levi Hayden

First Name: Levi
Last Name: Hayden
Bio: I started riding my bike in Duluth when I was about six. My dad used to pull us in a Burley. I don’t remember much from those days, but we also had a tandem Tag Along. I would be in the back all of the time behind my brother and my dad and I wouldn’t be able to shift gears, so it would be my dad’s fault if we crashed. But we never did. I started mountain biking competitively in seventh grade. My first race was the “Dirtspanker” and I came in second place. I decided I really liked racing when I started high school. In ninth grade I won the junior varsity overall championship for the Minnesota High School League. My sophomore year I got third place overall for varsity. I’m excited to guide trips, I enjoy riding and I love showing people the trails in Duluth. My Favorite Sacred Ride: Sedona. But my favorite trail in Duluth is Hawk’s Ridge. I love the view of the lake.
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